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Today’s economic conditions are challenging. To survive and prosper, your business fundamentals must be sound. Order entry must be right the first time, order processing and manufacturing errors and delays must be eliminated, and remakes must be slashed. Service quality and order turnaround must be optimized if you are to retain your clients and attract new ones. Today the task is the unenviable one of doing more with less.

Fortunately, a solution is available. Developed specifically for the unique requirements of the cabinet industry, ProENTRY Echelon IV provides an integrated order entry, order management, workflow control, and manufacturing solution.

Keep more of your sales dollars by getting orders right the first time.


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What is ProENTRY Echelon IV?

ProENTRY Echelon IV is our fourth generation software suite which integrates order management from order entry through manufacturing, shipping, and billing. ProENTRY's heritage dates to 1994 when one of our first clients was Merillat Industries.

ProENTRY IV is intended for demanding kitchen cabinet, casework, and millwork manufacturing environments. ProENTRY IV is not a graphic design application, but validates and refines orders created with most design software.

ProENTRY IV is a project, not a product. We are constantly adding innovations and we don't make you wait for annual updates, but make updates available as quickly as possible.


Are errors, rework, delays, and customer dissatisfaction eroding your profits, and client retention and limiting your growth? ProENTRY Echelon IV assures clean, accurate, efficient order entry and order management throughout the order life cycle to reduce errors and ensure client retention.

Is your current order and customer management system limiting your business? It may be. Here are a few points to consider:

Your current order entry system wasn't designed for the special needs of cabinet manufacturers

You experience unacceptable costs, delays, and disruptions involving data entry mistakes, rework, service orders, and add-on orders

You are unable to manage and track the progress of every order in a timely fashion, consequently turnaround and client satisfaction are compromised

Client and order issues surface when clients contact you rather than than being managed in a timely, proactive fashion

Credit checks and invoicing are not automatic parts of the order process thus delaying orders and creating client issues

Lack of integration between order entry and other applications introduces errors and delays in manufacturing and billing

Product catalog configuration and maintenance are complex and time consuming

ProENTRY IV addresses these points and more. Implementation can be surprisingly straight forward and you can begin to realize the benefits more quickly than with other software  packages.

Who should consider ProENTRY IV?

If you manufacture a catalog-based product line that allows product customization, you should probably have a look at ProENTRY IV.

If your operation involves very large scale production with a specialty department that customizes catalog products, ProENTRY IV may be what you need to take control of these specialty items.

If you want to empower your clients and sales reps with real time access to order entry and management, ProENTRY IV is the solution.

If you currently rely upon ERP, MRP, accounting, or other general purpose software for order entry and management and you want better control and error reduction, ProENTRY IV may be the perfect front end.

If you use 20-20's ShopWare Product Planner, ProENTRY IV will allow you to modernize your front office while leveraging your investment and experience in this software.

Why now?

Business is down, cash is tight, and competition is fierce. Is this really the time to be considering ProENTRY IV? When you consider what errors, rework, delays, lost opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction are costing you, you may see that this is the perfect time.

In order to reduce the costs of adopting ProENTRY IV, we have revised our licensing to include options that allow a minimal up-front investment. This makes it possible to realize the benefits you need to be competitive and to keep more of every dollar you sell without a large cash outlay.

We've been extremely conservative, keeping our overhead low and using technology and the internet to keep costs to a minimum. Additionally, ProENTRY IV is now sold direct, without the costs and commissions of rep organization. Thus, we are pleased, during this difficult time, to be able to pass these savings on to you as lower initial and total costs.

The next step.

Contact us now for an honest appraisal of ProENTRY IV's fit for your business.

Phone toll free, 888-617-0709, or write

If ProENTRY IV looks like a fit, we will schedule a free on-line demonstration. Alternatively, you can download ProENTRY IV and evaluate it at your convenience. Just ask.



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